World Whiskey Day: Why serving is part of the fun!

15/03/2022 14:23

Whiskey is liquid sunshine! Enjoying a premium whiskey is a fine drinking experience with timeless pleasure. So timeless that every year on March 27, whiskey lovers from all over the world gather to celebrate this exquisite distillate!

International Day is marked "Whisk(e)y" in order for the parentheses to indicate the support of the Scots, Canadians, and Japanese who write it without -e. The Irish and Americans include the letter -e!



Whiskey is made from fermented cereal pulp. Corn, wheat, rye, and barley are the most common cereals used to make whiskey. In addition to drinking whiskey for pleasure, many people drink it for their health. Whiskey contains a powerful antioxidant called ellagic acid, which helps prevent cancer. Some people mix whiskey with hot water and honey to soothe their sore throat.


Premium whiskey and suitable lowball glasses

Such a fine drink, however, above all is a uniquely cool experience. That is why each bar chooses with great care the way of serving, in order to create the ideal atmosphere for whiskey lovers.

Each whiskey fits with its glass! Choose d.o.f. glassware that can depict the true blend and aromas of a premium whiskey. The selection of materials such as crystalline, in combination with the robust construction, contributes decisively to the quality of serving.

Style matters! The d.o.f. glasses with vintage design are ideal to match with premium flavors, offering the appropriate style in each bar. You can find it in more elaborate Libbey whiskey glassware, but also in more sophisticated versions such as the Bormioli Rocco whiskey glasses.


On the other hand, Spiegelau whiskey glassware, created in collaboration with the internationally awarded Bar Manager Stephan Hinz, completes your collection with special interest and is characterized by the timelessness of a carved glass combined with the high aesthetics of modern design.

In addition to the ideal glass, whiskey carafes also belong to the necessary equipment that a modern bar needs to keep high standards in the level of its serving style. Depending on the interior of your bar, you can choose Spigelau whiskey carved carafes, or Luigi Bormioli laser cut crystal carafes and complete a unique serving experience.

On the rocks! Ice is part of all the fun for your customers who want to mix the intensity of their whiskey blend even more. Get the right ice buckets and make sure every detail really makes a difference.



Whiskey tasting: the how-to steps by pros

Create tasting time together with the barman and offer new experiences to your customers. Charles McLean is among the top whiskey taster in the world and he reveals some of his secrets to us! "Create a proper and updated cellar! You do not need many labels but the right varieties and a good bartender to work with them". Next, we ask him to select three types of whiskey: “I would suggest a sweet Speyside, a smoked Islay, and a sherried-style Highland. Select your preferable one. Then taste three variations of your favorite whiskey. You will get a real feeling of what you prefer. If you choose blended whiskey, you can add water or ice to your whiskey glass, or even create a cocktail. However, using a premium single malt for cocktails would not be recommended. In addition, the proper glassware plays an important role. A classic glass is ideal for drinking whiskey. But not to try whiskey. For the tasting, whiskey glasses with a narrow mouth (eg Glencairn) that enclose the aromas at the top are suggested. Even a glass of wine can be used. Also, do not hesitate to add a little water. It will help to release the aromas and will allow you to hold the whiskey more easily in your mouth and explore the full range of aromas and its taste".

The elements of the final taste of single malt are two: the type of water of the area and the type of barley used. However, up to 85% of the taste of a single malt is related to the time it will remain in the barrel to mature. The type of oak is crucial, not only in the final result of the taste but also in the color shades, or the texture of the distillate.