Wines lovers shop/bars: the necessary pro equipment for wine lovers

03/12/2021 12:01

"If God made only water, then man made wine." - Victor Hugo. Wine lovers know that this is not just a pleasure, but mostly kind of a ritual. That is why the latter are fanatically looking for those wine bars and concept bistros that will offer them the ultimate wine experience!

But how can a wine bar or contemporary bistro make a difference? Apart from a carefully selected wine list by the best sommeliers, the appropriate pro equipment for serving wine plays an important role. Wine glasses, serving accessories, wine coolers, and special glass fabric cleaners are just some of the most outstanding professional wine tools that can take your bar to the next level.

Especially at Christmas time, wine is on a choice of your customers. For that reason, wine bars, bistros with modern concepts, and restaurants are constantly seeking new ideas that will renew their equipment and will improve the services they offer.

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Wine Glassware - The right wine glasses

A wide variety of different wine glasses is vital if you provide a large list of fine wines. Maintaining a complete collection of different types of wine glasses for a dry red, rosé, or white wine, with wide or narrow bowls, in minimal or more classic designs, you have the opportunity to serve each type of wine in the right wine glass, which will strengthen the aromas and taste of them.

An important detail beyond the design, however, is the durability. The use of glasses is expected to be daily, and as a result, they are exposed to greater hardships. For the same reason, it is necessary to take care of the appropriate number of wine glasses that you have, to be completely ready against possible losses during the period of increased traffic such as during the holidays.


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Accessories for proper wine serving

If the right glass of wine is fundamental to serving wine, then… accessories enhance the whole experience of your customers. Every wine bar owner is exactly aware of this, knowing that it is not enough just to serve good wine, but also the duration of the enjoyment counts a lot. Accessories such as wine coolers are the ideal proposal for maintaining the temperature, which will allow the customer to enjoy his favorite wine at his own pace.

In addition, useful accessories that should not be missed by any bar, are the quality corkscrews and openers, which will help the waiter to serve the customer effectively and do not damage the cork.

Alternatively, glass wine jugs are another very useful glass serving bulk wine, combining decoration with practicality for those who do not choose a typical bottle of wine.

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wine accessories


Then comes the taste

Which wine bar or bistro serves its wines without appetizers like cheeses & cold cuts? Choose the plates with which you will serve the delicacies of wine on your menu to your customers and offer a complete experience for wine lovers they will totally love! Your choices can vary between wooden plates in various designs, or even natural stone or cast iron plates, depending on the style of the shop and the rest of the decoration.

Keep it fresh!

What makes a professional bar stand out, however, is the emphasis on detail. Having perfect pro equipment from wine glasses, you must show the same level of attention with the necessary cleaning tools. Spiegelau's special microfiber glass polishing cloth is not accidentally the top option for wine bars, bistros, or any type of bar that has high expectations from its serving. Spiegelau's specially made microfiber cloth, thanks to its carefully-made design, is extremely effective in removing water and stains from glasses, leaving no traces or fluff.


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