The best glassware for 5 + 1 famous winter cocktails & more…

14/01/2022 07:11

The winter aura brings a change in the taste preferences, so the cocktail lists of all the bars present wonderful winter cocktails that are ideally combined with the coldest days of the year. Among the best recipes are those that are based on seasonal flavors and offer a tasty touch of warmth in the body. From smoothing hot cocktails to soft, fruity flavors, there is a wonderful winter drink for every customer.

Choose the appropriate type of cocktail glassware

Different cocktail glasses have been developed to highlight their mix in the best way. This "rule" applies even more to winter cocktails, which are consumed more slowly than summer ones and the main goal is to maintain the same quality in aromas and taste from the first to the last sip.

For this reason, the experts of Horecanext ask for the help of experienced mixologists and present the ideal glassware from the Horecanext collection, for 6 of the finest winter cocktails and more, that your customers love!

Chili-infused Margarita - Gourmet glass by Libbey

Tequila with chili mixed with mango puree and Yuzu sake. Serve it in a glass from the Gourmet series by Libbey, which thanks to its elegant style in clear design with two levels of rings, allows both the deep mixing of its contents and the maintenance of the ideal temperature.



Copper Antique Mule

Vodka, ginger beer, and fresh lime remain an explosive combination with strong acidity and interesting contrasts. Serve ideally in the rustic glasses-mugs cooper tiki mules, which are suitable with the dynamic character of the drink. The authentic style of this glass can capture all eyes.



Kentucky Mai Tai with APS Ethnic Tiki Mugs

A wonderful mix of Angostura spices, the bitterness of Cynar liqueur, and the earthy quality of mezcal create the base, which is then enhanced by pineapple, peach, and bourbon. A winter tiki cocktail served in exotic Tiki mugs, which maintain an extremely good temperature in the contents, thanks to the quality of the material, ensuring long-lasting pleasure.



Gin & Tonic with Bormioli Rocco glassware

Thanks to their delicacy and elegance, Bormioli Rocco cocktail glasses remain classic and suitable to highlight the characteristic taste of a gin & tonic. A modern and ergonomic variation of the classic balloon glass with a high handle, so that your cocktail always stays cool with an unchanging taste.

Hot Cross Bun Martini with Spiegelau Coupe Special Glasses 

Gin, syrup, apple, and a lemon twist compose a magical mix of a Hot Cross Bun Martini. Its premium blend is combined only with a stem crystal glass of the Special Glasses series, which with its durable construction and luxurious design, allows the user's hand not to come in contact with the glass bowl, thus keeping the drink at the perfect temperature.

Whiskey Spritz with Hi-Ball glass by Luigi Bormioli

Delicious, with a touch of mystery. A welcome drink, light and sweet but with enough flavor to please everyone. It is served in highly quality construction glass of whiskey with unique profile or hi-ball crystal glasses from the Textures series, which feature an elaborate, embossed design, with thin laser-cut lines at the end, giving the appropriate style for such a delicate drink.



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