Terra Rose Porcelain: The modern plateware for bistro & brunch stores

03/01/2022 07:51

When modern aesthetics meet practicality, then true luxury in every detail is highlighted. Always trying to surprise through its new collections, Genware introduces another impressive range of porcelain plateware, which stand out not only with their excellent quality of construction but also the unique aesthetics in rose gold shades.

Terra Rose Porcelain collection does not even need to try to capture the gaze, since its warm and friendly style offers the ideal attitude for serving an exquisite menu.

Genware mug
Genware plate1


Its earthy colors are dominated by light pink, which, through its natural effects and spontaneous design, gives an indefinable beauty to all the utensils of the collection. At the same time, however, thanks to this naturality, each piece retains its own color intensities, creating a truly unique look, which is suitable for every special taste.

Along with their unique design, all serving utensils of Terra Rose Porcelain collection have a very high quality of construction, according to the top production standards of Genware, while the rolled edges of each utensil ensure even greater durability and functionality.

The modern character of the collection could be a great choice for serving dishes in contemporary bistros and brunch stores that want to showcase their own concept with special features, or even hotel restaurants that launch a more urban aesthetic proposal for their guests.

At Terra Rose Porcelain you can find a rich range of dishes for a variety of serving goods as well as bowls or mugs that perfectly cover every modern collection for professional use.

Genware plate2
Genware plate2


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