Simple yet impressive: The white dinnerware of SHIRO originates & stands out!

26/11/2021 08:32


The daily small moments of enjoyment are the ones that make the difference, offering the opportunity to relax with good company. The time of coffee or a tasty snack in our favorite store is one of the best moments of the day, so every coffee shop, bistro, or bar that wants to provide the ideal service to its customers, has loved the SHIRO series of SCHONWALD.
Designed following the high standards that every collection of the German company depicts, SHIRO gives priority to the customer and his need to enjoy a special experience.
To do this, it remains original while making a clear statement with its design: concentrated, clean, and - above all - interesting, the SHIRO series “plays” between the strict lines and the discretion, promoting details that give vividness to its dinnerware.
The unusually robust edges of porcelain products bring a new and surprisingly strong aesthetic to every professional store, embodying the very mood of the store to fully meet the increased demands of its customers.

The series includes shallow and deep dishes, round plates, bowls, as well as cappuccino, and coffee cups, with their saucers.


Shiro products
Shiro plates



Based on the principles of German precision and reliability, SCHONWALD has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality porcelain for more than 150 years. The excellent know-how constitutes the great advantage of the company, combined with the continuous development and innovations that it develops through each collection. By studying the difficult conditions faced by their products in modern restaurants, as well as understanding the different needs of customers and their requirements, SCHONWALD has the way to constantly surprise with its flawless proposals.

It is no coincidence that top restaurants and hotels from a hundred countries around the world have decided to depend on the professional solutions, reliability, and quality of the German porcelain leader of SCHONWALD.

The perfectionist character of the company is reflected in collections that express the different faces of modern cuisine, managing to meet all the requirements. From the traditional banquet to the informal finger food, each case discovers the appropriate proposals for completely different menu options. The clear focus of SCHONWALD on professional porcelain allows the company to develop an amazing range of various styles, elegant shapes, and unique styles.