Signature cold smoking techniques by Hendi

06/09/2022 14:20

Did you know that the cold smoking food processing technique is a very popular idea in professional kitchens and bars, appreciated by top chefs and bartenders? Apart from the excellent aftertaste and the aroma it offers on the food, it is an efficient and practical food processing method, suitable for a multitude of raw materials, drinks, or beverages!

However, the right equipment is the key to perfect cold smoking! Hendi, a leading company in the field of professional kitchen equipment that constantly researches to improve a chef's life, presents the new smoke infuser, which is ideal for cold smoking of meat, fish, and vegetables, offering an extremely tasty result!



The modern features, combined with the ergonomic, portable design, guarantee great ease of use and unique tasty creations!

Its big advantage instead of the traditional smoking technique is that it does not produce excessive heat and keeps the raw materials unspoiled. In this way, you can easily smoke food at any stage of its processing, either when it is entirely raw or after cooking.



This feature lets you smoke delicate fruit or vegetables, as it's gentle enough and the cold smoke does not alter the texture or temperature of the food. You can also use it in cocktails, tea, or spices for a different flavor effect that will surely impress your customers!

Therefore... free your creativity and do not hesitate to surprise your customers by giving a special detail to the dishes or drinks on the menu of your restaurant.



Useful cold smoking tips from experts

If you smoke meat just before serving it, the smoky flavor will be more intense than if you smoked it raw.
We usually smoke the food for 5 minutes. Then we have to taste and if it needs more flavor, we can repeat the process.
For cold smoking of solid foods, we use a sealed bag or a pot with a lid - For liquids, we use the blender.
An important detail is that the wood does not require pre-soaking before smoking!