Sarakostiana menu: Serving ideas that easily stand out!

19/04/2022 09:25

During the period of Orthodox Easter Lent, more and more people follow the tradition of fasting, culminating in Holy Week.

Abstaining from meat and dairy products during fasting has led both restaurants and fast food to enrich their menu with fasting flavors (so-called “nistisima” in Greek), such as seafood, veggie burgers, falafel, taramosalata, veggie pizza, mushrooms, fries. The variety of fasting food has now extended to please customers' needs. Especially seafood have their special place with options like squid, octopuses, and mussels coming in the top customers' preferences.



The serving of the fasting food menu can, however, evolve into another occasion for creative ideas, combining tradition with modern elements! However, to serve a delicious, tempting, fasting menu you need the right professional equipment. The presentation is the one that gives the first impression of your dishes, so you have to take care!

A seafood risotto, for example, could be elegantly served in an enameled Hendi bowl, while the appropriate cast iron saucepan is ideal for a mussel fry. The enamel products are made of high-quality steel sheets and you can choose different sizes depending on the serving needs. In the same style but with a more alternative mood, you can choose a cast iron tray or wooden plate for Lenten pizza, which will give another feeling by upgrading the taste experience in your restaurant!

Fasting menus, also, include lots of vegetables! That's why you need to be equipped with several plates and practical salad bowls. Oval serving plates made of stainless steel are especially useful for vegetable patties or fried zucchini. If you want something more impressive, then the porcelain "shell" plate of the Seafood collection by Gural definitely steals the show by serving salad or other seafood dishes. White melamine trays are just as practical and elegant as serving falafel or a veggie burger.



Finally, we do not forget about the drink! Plenty of carafes in small and large sizes and a variety of columned glassware for ouzo and tsipouro, or wine glasses are necessary to serve favorite traditional drinks in style. Both Bormioli Rocco glass carafes and ouzo glassware, as well as Libbey wine glasses, are great for traditional restaurants and taverns looking for reliable serving solutions with simplicity, durability, and affordable prices.

Last but not least, because the detail always makes the difference in every table equipment, we do not forget the very practical utensils for salt and pepper, cutlery cases and napkins as well as bread baskets that give a traditional note to any table!