Pizza & aperitivos bar: The new urban trend that transforms the classic idea of a pizzeria restaurant

21/01/2022 07:24

Do as the Italians do! Pizza is a competitive market with incredible growth opportunities. According to Technomic's 2020 Canadian Pizza Consumer Trend report, 81% of consumers eat pizza at least once a month and total consumption has increased since 2018!

Pizza is considered an ideal food for countless occasions. For many people, it was and remains a complete meal. For others, however, the pleasure of a pizza lies in its finesse. This new trend, inspired by the principles of the Italian gastronomy tradition, developed through the vibes of life in the city, transforming the pizza into a modern urban meal alternative that you will enjoy together with the appropriate aperitif as a delicious boost any time of the day!




Pizzeria: How you do it in 2022

Now more than ever, the new urban version of the pizzeria is based on different success factors compared to the classic version of the pizzeria as we knew it. Consumers now prioritize 4 key pillars of taste experiences: value, convenience, personalization, and variety. It is up to business owners to decide which pillars they can use most effectively and use them to inspire pizza ideas and menu customization.

Suitable equipment for pizza bar

The right equipment is the key to ensuring a top level of quality in your creations. Priority is given to all the necessary pizza tools that will depict your gastronomy ideas and support a delicious menu with authentic Italian pizzas.

pizza accessories1


First come the ideal pans, rolling pin, cutters, bowls, and egg yolks to create delicious doughs, which will become the basis for an excellent pizza. Through a wide range of different sizes, you can find all the right options that will facilitate your creativity, free your hands and improve the level of quality for the final result.

Of course, when we talk about a traditional Italian delicious pizza, the No. 1 tool that -should- characterize your kitchen, is none other than the pizza peel. Baking pizza in the oven is almost an art. That's why for every pizza chef (or… pizzaiolo as they called) the pizza peel is like a real extension of his hands. By choosing the right pizza oven peel, you improve your ergonomics and comfortably control the baking process from beginning to end, ensuring a great taste.


pizza 3
pizza accessories2


Pizza and aperitivos

The pleasure of an Italian pizza is not complete, however, without the appropriate glass of wine or aperitif. Equip your collection with a wonderful range of glasses for red, rosé, or white wine, as well as glasses for aperitif cocktails such as aperol, offering an unforgettable tasting experience with a Mediterranean temperament and modern urban aesthetics.


wine and pizza