New brand. Same Glass. We welcome the unique glassware collections for professionals by Onis

27/10/2022 12:48

Keeping quality standards at the highest level, Onis is not just a new brand in professional glassware, but more of a timeless value that makes a huge comeback in the industry through an impressive range of glasses ideally designed for professional bartending needs.


Onis brand is a business result of the cooperation between two of the most outstanding European manufacturers and its ambition is to integrate authenticity and uniqueness into the art of glassmaking, creating only exceptional collections with everlasting quality and style.

Raw materials from natural sources, clean lines with timeless characteristics, and distinctive design are finely combined under the Xtratuff glass processing by the experts of Onis and offer a final touch of unparalleled aesthetics, extreme durability, and greater resistance to shock and breakage.


Onis' collections include beautifully stackable and stem glasses, as well as glassware for every need or serving style, allowing every dining store or bar to showcase a unique identity while enjoying durability for everyday heavy use.

At Onis, every detail is important for the ultimate drinking experience! Each glass is the final touch of a careful production process aiming for an inspiring result, that adds more value to professionals’ creativity.


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