Lovely presentation ideas for modern patisserie & boutique pastry corners

01/03/2022 13:29

The first impression matters the most! Although the excellent taste offers pleasure, the amazing presentation of a pastry creation can enrich your customers’ imagination and whet their appetite.

Creating sweet delicacies

Of course, before the presentation of a dessert, you have to create it with imagination, a good recipe, and the appropriate confectionery equipment. A quality high-performance mixer like Hendi's professional mixer is essential to make a fluffy dough in large quantities that will facilitate your daily demanding needs.

At the same time, it is important to complete your equipment with confectionery utensils such as Borgonovo various mixing bowls in large and small sizes so that you are covered for the different preparations that each recipe needs.

The right professional pastry tools also play an outstanding role, which is why the top pastry chefs choose de Buyer spatulas and sieves as well as the professional Hendi egg whisks that combine ergonomics and durability.

Also, don’t miss Silikomart professional cooking rings in wonderful designs and various sizes, which help you to create an endless range of sweets in impressive shapes.

Time for showtime!

Especially in our times, the presentation of sweets has gone to another level! The search for new taste experiences has transformed the traditional patisseries into modern boutique pastry shops, which compete in appearance with even the most expensive jewelry stores!

The setting of the sweets in the shop storefront is extremely tempting, giving the products a sense of luxury! For a modern presentation, you will definitely need elegant melamine trays by Araven, or fancy Borngonovo cake stands. APS jars have also a special place in the presentation of sweets, because of their original yet alternative aesthetic.

And now… let’s talk about the serveware! Make sure you choose the right dish in the dimensions and shape you need. Especially for pastry shops in modern vintage decoration, the dishes of Cozy & Trendy, featuring an elaborate design around the dish, or the colorful plateware of Genware, are an excellent combination for an elegant serving.

APS melamine saucers are also very popular in the presentation of sweets, as they are small, practical, and beautiful. Try to make the presentation as clean as possible and use an ice cream scoop or add ice cream and sorbet next to the dessert. Do not be afraid to take risks! Let your creative spirit come out and have fun with what you do! Remember that a happy pastry chef makes… delicious sweets!

And because customers usually enjoy their dessert with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, make sure you are equipped with the right sets of durable porcelain cups, wine glasses, or cocktail glassware by Bormioli Rocco collection in elegant and modern designs!