July cocktails: Impressive serving ideas & the professional bar equipment to create them

08/07/2022 08:48

Summertime mood and cool cocktails go together! At the beach bar in the hot midday, until the evening on a rooftop overlooking the view. All professional barmen capture the moment to follow their creativity and, based on the flavors of the season, suggest tasty drinking mixes for unique summer moments and parties!

Every modern bar has its own cocktail list with eclectic options, signature proposals, but also new entries or bold variations of favorite mixes. However, regardless of the bar’s style, the thing is that during summer the most desirable cocktails on your list are Mojito, Pina Collada, and Daiquiri! They all have their honorary day in July and our bartender team is here to suggest unique serving ideas that will impress everyone!

Pina Colada Day - July 9

When life gives you a pineapple… make a Pina Colada! The ultimate summer cool drink combines rum with pineapple and coconut milk, creating a super exotic aftertaste in every sip. It is served… exclusively with impressive style in Libbey stem glasses, such as the cocktail glass Squall (44cl), or in a Poco Grande glass (39cl), which combine simplicity, and distinctive features, with solid construction and durability. In the same category belongs the spacious Hurricane stem glass (45cl), made of high-quality glass in a special Cuban design.

Alternatively, you can try the exotic hi-ball Zombie cocktail tumbler (40cl) from the Kahiko series. Featuring tropical décor, it is an artistic element to summer cocktails such as Pina Colada.


Mojito Day - July 11

Symbol of the absolute summer mood! No one can deny a mojito yet, especially when served in a cocktail glass (47.3cl) from the Libbey Bamboo series. Made of quality glass with an embossed design inspired by the texture of Bamboo throughout its surface, this spacious glass combines an impressive feel with a solid grip.

However, if you’re looking for something even more summery and exotic, you have to go for the cocktail pineapple-shaped glass (48cl) from the Tiki series of Libbey, which stands out with its original pineapple shape!


Daiquiri Day - July 19

Can elegance and cool feeling fit in one sip? The Daiquiri cocktail proves that’s true in this world! Created with many summer fruits, it remains a chic proposal that must be served in the appropriate stem glass for maximum pleasure. Select the Libbey coupe champagne glass (24cl) in vintage style or the impressive Tiki cocktail coupe glass (25cl), with the elaborate design on its stem and a discreet tiki design in the color of amber, and transform the serving of Daiquiri into a unique canvas of surprises and feelings.

An also wonderful idea for Daiquiri is the coupe cocktail glass (25cl) from the Novecento Art Deco series of Bormioli Rocco, with the refined Italian vintage style and the engraved geometric decorations in jazz rhythm, which ensures a unique feeling.


Professional bar equipment

All the top professional bartenders and mixologists know it; summer cocktails are the perfect moment for creativity! Make sure that you have the ultimate professional bar equipment that will let you create your ideas and impress your customers. Shakers, measuring cups, and spoons of excellent quality made from stainless steel, with ergonomic design in black and copper shades are available at HorecaNext to enrich your equipment and offer an ideal summertime atmosphere of flavors, colors, and attitude.