Hotel buffet design & equipment: Make a breakfast & lunch statement

27/05/2022 08:19

A hotel buffet is one of the most important parts of hospitality services. Moreover, a complete hospitality experience, in addition to the high standard of accommodation facilities and amenities, relies equally on dining - catering services from a well-served breakfast to lunch, or dinner.

This means that hotel buffets must have a perfect design, in order to combine flexibility in use for the staff and easy service with high hygienic standards for hotel guests.


Start with the "smart" design

The ideal buffet starts with the design! It is necessary to configure your buffet according to your space to anticipate all your needs for the best possible service for your guests and to ensure maximum functionality.

Horecanext experts undertake to guide you safely and reliably for the design of a complete professional buffet from the setup to the engineering study and the selection of the appropriate equipment.

Thanks to our extensive experience, specialized know-how, and excellent knowledge of materials, we are able to propose the appropriate solutions for the construction of a hotel buffet space, which perfectly meets your needs, ensuring functionality, savings, and style that will provide a branded identity in your business.


Shop the right equipment

The buffet by nature must be equipped in such a way as to offer easy self-service to the guest while keeping the food at ideal temperatures and protected. That is why investing in the right equipment will complement the design of your buffet and will give a unique experience of pleasure to your hotel guests.

Starting with the most important meal of the day, the breakfast buffet equipment of a hotel unit can become almost a trademark of your services.

Configure it smartly and equip it with modern Hendi juice and milk dispensers, which with their ergonomic design, extremely preserve the content, provide easy service to the user with a single move and save valuable space on the table.

At the same time, your equipment should not be missing the kettles and coffee makers of the Hendi Concept Line series, which bear the design signature of the top designer Robert Bronwasser. Made of stainless steel, they have a wide container for a large quantity, quick-cooking features and a safety tap for easy serving, at the same time that their elegant style gives a unique touch to the table decoration of your buffet.

Another essential element of the buffet equipment is the Hendi toasters. Durable stainless steel construction, designed to serve the mass production of toast with adjustable time and alarm bell, which facilitate the daily life of every professional.

An integral part of every professional buffet is also the chafing dishes by Hendi, which provide excellent maintenance of food temperature and at the same time, their innovative design ensures a safe, easy and silent roll-top opening with a lid.

But because the details make the difference, complete your equipment with the necessary serving buffet accessories such as tweezers, spoons, trays and serving bases, and dressing pots, offering your guests a complete buffet experience that will make your hotel unforgettable.