Equipment to make smoothies, cocktails, and cold drinks

20/06/2022 10:59

Summer is here and the tourist season has already begun! More and more beach bars and seaside cafes are serving customers looking for delicious snacks, coffees, and cool drinks!

In order to meet the increased demands of your customer service during the summer, except for your good mood, it is even more important to have the right equipment.

The reliable professional equipment of a beach bar or cafe in tourist areas, which serves a large number of people on a daily basis, must be durable but also easy to use. The goal is to have large quantities of products quickly and with top quality.

That is why Hendi, the leading company in the field of professional kitchen equipment, offers the most complete solutions that will free your hands and allow you to achieve high and quality performance.

Equipment to make smoothies, cocktails, and cold drinks

A No1 option on the menu of all beach bars and seaside cafes! Icy smoothies and cocktails are a top choice for your guests. In order to prepare smoothies and cocktails ready quickly and easily, Hendi digital blender is a must! It has an anti-noise cover while it can also crush ice. Practical design and very durable construction with unbreakable 2.5L polycarbonate jug and stainless steel knife with titanium coating. It has a digital touch panel, three power settings, and a pulse function.

Additionally, an electric citrus juicer is always a must for any coffee and beach bar. The professional Hendi juicer consists of a stainless steel bowl and cone, with a splash protector, suitable for making a large number of juices easily and safely.



Of cource, there is no beach bar should not miss the professional Hendi milkshake mixer! It is necessary to prepare for frappe, freddo espresso, and cappuccino, as well as other wonderful cool drinks! It has state-of-the-art features with smart design, impeccable functionality, and urban aesthetics in six different fancy colors!

All cold drinks, however, require large amounts of ice, increasing your needs on a daily basis. For this case, the Kitchen Line ice machine is capable of producing 15kg of ice every 24 hours! It has stainless steel housing and does not need a fixed connection to the water supply. The icer machine has a choice of 3 different sizes for ice cubes, which are formed around cooled bars.



Fast & delicious snacks

Cold sandwiches and mini snacks are very popular in all beach bars. That's why a countertop refrigerator is ideal to keep them in a practical position, with ease and safety in terms of maintenance. The Hendi countertop refrigerator is the best in this category, featuring a stainless steel housing with curved double glazing on the front and glass sides. It also has sliding doors on the back, two shelves, and LED lighting on the roof.



Apart from cold snacks, one of the most favorite fast food are hot dogs and club sandwiches. For easy preparation, you will need the professional Hendi 7-cylinder hot dog machine with rapid heating and heat recovery, as well as the Blue Line fryer. With this professional fryer, you can prepare french fries quickly and safely, as it has a basket with a long, heat-insulated handle and a stainless steel oil container, which can be removed for easy cleaning.

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