Drinking Days 2022: Amazing glassware ideas for favorite cocktails & beverages

27/01/2022 16:04

There are many reasons to enjoy a favorite drink! The special Day of each drink, however, gives the perfect timing for any restaurant or bar to present a new look to their serving style, offering an even more exciting experience to their customers. But what are some of the most popular drinking days in the year?

Jan 1 - National Bloody Mary Day

With National Bloody Mary Day on January 1st, there is no better reason to keep New Year's party going! Serve the famous cocktail of vodka & tomato juice in a cooler glass and... relieve the symptoms of a hangover! Ideal as a brunch cocktail!

Jan 25 - Irish Coffee Day

The National Irish Coffee Day on January 25 is located in the heart of winter and coincides with the ideal weather for the warm, delicious taste of Irish Coffee. Serve your favorite Irish coffee made from black coffee, whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream in an irish coffee glass from the Acapulco by Libbey series, which stands out with its classy aesthetics and premium design.



Feb 18 - National Drink Wine Day.

May the 18th of February be celebrated every year in the US as the National Wine Day, however, the day is probably just a reminder to enjoy wine all year round! Offer the ultimate wine serving experience to your customers with Luigi Bormioli wine glasses, which create the perfect depiction of the shades and aromas of any white wine.

Feb 22 - National Margarita Day

Every year on February 22nd, we mop our glasses on National Margarita Day! The favorite cocktail -triple sec, tequila, and lime juice- from Mexico is ideally served with glasses of Perception series by Libbey, combining a modern line with a refined classic character.



March 3 - International Irish Whiskey Day

Celebrating Irish Whiskey International Day, your customers have the ideal opportunity to discover the taste tradition of a premium Irish whiskey. Better yet if you serve them with the whiskey glass by Libbey, which, thanks to their minimal design, highlight the taste of an Irish whiskey blend.

March 24 - National Cocktail Day

Celebrate with your customers National Cocktail Day on March 24 by serving a fresh cocktail list! From fruity to bittersweet, with a hot or milder aftertaste, everyone can enjoy favorite cocktails, served in impressive cocktail glassware of all kinds like tiki mugs, stems, coupe, hi-ball, or low coolers!



April 9 - National Gin & Tonic Day

Gin & tonic cocktail is always the right choice! The National G&T Day on April 9 gives the perfect occasion to serve this classic riff cocktail in different tasting variants with stem or cooler glasses in modern New York style.

April 19 - Amaretto Day

The word Amaretto in Italian means "a little bitter", because it is made of bitter almonds or apricot pits, or both. This favorite Italian liqueur with its wonderful aroma celebrates on April 19 and is always a chic serving suggestion in lowball glasses of high aesthetics designed to keep the taste of an Amaretto unaltered until... the next one.



May 6 - International Sauvignon Blanc Day

This pure grape variety has gained worldwide popularity, pushing Sauvignon Blanc to the top position of white wine along with Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. There is no better time for a wine bar to serve Sauvignon Blanc in crystal glasses for the white wine of the Palace series by Luigi Bormioli. With their sophisticated elegance and high durability, they will certainly impress your customers.

May 7 - Cosmopolitan Day

One of the most famous cocktails in the world, "cosmo" could not but have a special day officially dedicated to them! Who can resist their tempting taste and impressive appearance, especially when served with vintage stemware glasses by Libbey, which with their vintage style and elaborate construction, attract the impressions?



June 9 - International Dark n' Stormy Day

Happy Day for the lovers of the genre, the International Day Dark 'n Stormy on 9 June is dedicated to this delicious and strong highball cocktail. Their fine and distinctive taste is combined with the appropriate d.o.f. lowball glass of Stark series by Libbey. Featuring timeless style in clear design and manufacture of high-quality glass, it stars in every fine serving.

June 25 - International Rosé Day

The International Wine Rosé Day on June 25 is a world day of celebration since a favorite rosé wine is an integral part of almost every fine gastronomy around the world. Create the ideal wine rosé serving atmosphere in your restaurant or wine bar with Bormioli Rocco Divino glasses, which with their simple and clear line perfectly match each fine variety of rosé.

July 11 - National Mojito Day

A toast to the National Mojito Day on 11 July! What better a warm summer day than the coolness of an authentic mojito! Your customers love it, which is why you serve it ideally with a glass of crystal hi-ball of the Endessa series by Libbey, offering the perfect environment for the mix of a mojito!

July 19 - National Daiquiri Day

Every year on July 19th, we raise our glasses and celebrate National Daiquiri Day. Based on rum, lime, and sugar, a cool daiquiri is served in a coupe glass with classic style in embossed linear design with contemporary aesthetics that keeps the interest high.


Aug 13 - National Prosecco Day

Coming from the cool climate of Veneto in northeastern Italy, Prosecco is a light sparkling wine with a vivid aftertaste, dry finish, and fresh fruit flavor. To serve it ideally, choose the Contea glasses series by Borgonovo creating the appropriate feeling of finesse and style required for such a fine wine.

Aug 16 - National Rum Day

Summer mood and rum go together! Especially on the 16th of August, when the rum enjoys its official day in the calendar, your customers have the unique opportunity to enjoy rum served in RISERVA glasses, the classic balloon glasses also known as brandy snifter, which are ideal for transferring heat of the palm in the alcoholic beverage and thus enhance the pleasure of the final taste.


Sept 12-18 - Negroni Week 2022

Welcome to Negroni Week 2022! Organized by Imbibe magazine and Campari, from 2013 until today it is a new hot trend for a week in September, with bars and restaurants around the world serving classic Negroni variants! Take off the negroni serving you offer to your customers with d.o.f glasses from the Bach series by Luigi Bormioli, which stand out with their wonderful linear design.

Sept 29 - National Coffee Day

The USA and Canada are among the countries that consume large quantities of coffee every year, which is why they established their own National Coffee Day on September 29! For most, however, the coffee festival is every day! Every coffee store discovers from the Horecanext collection new and innovative serving suggestions for hot and cold coffee beverages that will highlight the aromas and flavors of their products.

Oct 28 - Global Champagne Day 2022

From 2009 until today, every 4th Friday of October every year, everyone has one more reason to enjoy a glass of favorite champagne. World Champagne Day is an ideal occasion to refresh your collection of champagne glasses, enriching it with wonderful flutes of the Palace series by Luigi Bormioli, as well as all the necessary accessories for serving champagne from the Horecanext collection.

Oct 31 - Halloween

From Poison Apple and Gin & Jekyll to Black Magic Margaritas and Espresso Martini, the celebration of Halloween is an opportunity to serve the most impressive, unique, and special cocktails. Create the perfect serving experience for your customers by renewing your collection with a wide range of cocktails glasses, making... spooky cocktail variations in the spirit of the day!

Nov 7 - International Merlot Day

Celebrating this famous but often underrated variety of wine is the perfect opportunity to help discover the potential and hearty generosity of a Merlot. Complete your collection with Luigi Bormioli wine glasses, which thanks to their shape allow the perception of the acidity of the wine, slowing down the evaporation of aromatic notes. Complete your collection with the appropriate platters and plateau for serving cheese.

Nov 17 - National Zinfandel Day

The intense deep taste of Zinfandel wines always offers an excellent level of enjoyment at every opportunity. Especially when served with the excellent wine glasses from the collection of Horecanext, which are capable of giving a special style to each wine bar!


Dec 20 - National Sangria Day

Every year, on December 20, National Sangria Day officially recognizes the perfect delicious combination of wine and fresh fruit that sangria brings to the table. The favorite drink has its special way of serving, which is why every modern restaurant and bar carefully choose glasses and jugs for sangria, emphasizing the minimal character and ergonomics, to offer its customers a complete experience!

Dec 24 - National Eggnog Day

One of the most delicious and sweet drinks like Eggnog could not help but be celebrated on Christmas Eve! The dairy-based sugary drink is traditionally made with milk and sour cream, sugar, beaten eggs, spices, brandy, or rum, or whiskey, or vodka and is served in various yet fantastic ways in stem glasses with a handle or in lowball cocktail glasses.