Diversey: Professional kitchen cleaning guide

18/02/2022 06:56

The cleanliness of the professional kitchen is a major concern, to preserve the hygiene of both your staff and customers. Especially in the last years, with the Covid-19 pandemic having made it very difficult to work in workplaces like restaurants, special attention must be paid to high-risk areas, where the possible transmission of pathogenic microorganisms can very easily occur. By high-risk areas, we mean all hand contact surfaces, such as taps, knobs, benches, and table seats.

And of course, prevention does not only concern the coronavirus, but also several other infections that spread very easily in crowded places, if the necessary hygiene measures are not taken. To avoid this, prevention is the best solution to minimize the chances and feel secure.

Effective hand hygiene is the most basic measure that staff and customers can take to prevent the spread of pathogens. In particular, staff should follow strict rules of hand hygiene and clean them at every opportunity, especially when preparing food or if they have come in contact with dirt (toilet or emptying bins). Regarding high-risk surfaces, priority is given to their frequent cleaning and disinfection, following sanitary protocols.

To complete your cleaning equipment and be well-protected against such cases, the leading company in the cleaning and sanitation industry, Diversey has created a range of highly effective detergents and disinfectants for both surfaces and hand cleaning.

At Horecanext you will find professional packaging in liquid dishwashing products, disinfectant-cleaning spray for surfaces but also hand antiseptic, with an innovative design crafted with the excellent quality of Diversey.

A top choice for professional kitchens is the Softcare Bulk soap dispenser, which offers easy use in any case where staff or customers need to wash their hands. Ensures a continuous supply of soap or antiseptic, making it easy for your customers and staff to maintain a higher level of personal hygiene.

For the correct use of the antiseptic, only 3ml of the product for 30 seconds are enough, a fact that allows its long use ensuring top efficiency.

To clean hard surfaces, use the Diversey disinfectant spray onto the area and spread it well with a disposable cloth then discard the cloth in a plastic bag. After each cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds.