Champagne glasses & serving accessories for restaurants & bars

10/12/2021 10:02

Especially in the Christmas and New Year period, restaurants and bars that have an excellent champagne list made by their sommelier, are well aware that serving champagne is a unique experience for their customers.

But did you know that the taste of champagne is greatly influenced by the type of glass? The characteristics of each glass of champagne do not only concern the aesthetics of serving. But they are ideal to enhance the taste status of each different type of champagne and the level of enjoyment.



What are the must-know tips before choosing champagne glasses?

1. Type of shape

Flute champagne glasses are more common in most dining stores. And there is a reason this is happening. Their shape allows the gradual but more intense release of the aromas of the drink, offering a much tastier sip.

2. Material

Champagne glasses should be made of either crystal or standard glass. The main difference between the two materials is the thickness. Typical glass requires greater thickness for higher durability, while the crystal can be made thinner as it has high strength and anti-fracture properties. However, the more exquisite the type of champagne, the more important the type of glass is considered to preserve the taste and aroma.




The types of champagne glasses

There are several types of champagne glasses available. However, despite their individual differences, the most basic categories are:


Flute champagne glasses are light and easy to hold. Their great advantage is that they allow the bowl to be kept at a sufficient distance from the fingers, thus preventing your drink from heating up. Thanks to their elegant and refined style, they are available in classic or more decorated versions and can easily become the center of attention during serving.


Tulip champagne glasses differ in the shape of the rim. The rim is narrower compared to the center of the bowl, providing a unique shape to the glass. This contrast allows the aromas of the drink to be magnified, directing it towards the nose. Due to the inwardly curved rim, you can enjoy the aroma and taste of the drink at the same time. There are also two sizes of champagne tulips, regular and wide.


This is the traditional approach. They have a wide bowl, which sits over a shorter neck. Because they are so sophisticated, coupe champagne glasses make visible even the bounce of bubbles around the glass. They are recommended for serving a drier variety of champagne, because the bowl is shallow and wide, thus speeding up the oxidation process.



Accessories for serving champagne

Apart from champagne glasses, however, serving this fine sparkling wine is not completed without the right accessories. Champagne coolers help sparkling wines stay at the right temperature, ensuring the maximum tasting experience for your customers.

The choice between a plastic or metal forged champagne cooler depends on the properties of each type of champagne, combined, of course, with the style of serving and the type of the restaurant.

Additionally, you can choose a double champagne cooler, which can keep fresh two different bottles, or the champagne cooler stand, which is a classic choice for restaurants that do not want to waste space from the table of their customers.



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