Cambro: The best food storage and transportation solutions

28/04/2022 09:20

Safety and hygiene is the most important element of a professional kitchen. To do this, we give attention to the excellent preservation of food throughout its transport from the reception area, storage and cooking area to customer service by using the necessary storage containers that will keep the food unspoiled and fresh.

The Cambro company continues to be an ideal ally for this professional need. Through a wide collection of state-of-the-art tools and storage containers that harmonize with the principles of the HACCP system, it offers safety and ensures a high level of hygiene for food preservation.



Easy-to-use, safe, in various sizes

In Cambro collection, you will find pallets and transport trolleys of high strength and high stability for the transport of products to storage, as well as shelving systems for full utilization of available storage space. All the tools of the company are easy to clean and remain corrosive from moisture or high temperatures.

Food must be stored in special containers in the kitchen to keep it in excellent condition. CamWare food storage containers are very practical and easy to use, ideal for use in the refrigerator, freezer, or oven. They are transparent so that the contents can be seen inside. These containers safely store fruits, vegetables, dry food, meats, and fish, reducing the risk of infection. They are also combined with drain containers and sliding lids for quick opening. In the collection, you will also find translucent containers with high chemical resistance that additionally show the ml measures for better use. Depending on your specialized needs, you can choose different shapes and sizes of containers.



For ready-to-eat transport cases, such as in catering, the Cambro collection of isothermal containers is the best solution. These are isothermal containers very light and easy to transport that maintain the ideal temperature of the food. They have ergonomic handles, and a large capacity, and effectively keep the dishes hot or cold.

Discover all the professional Cambro storage containers from Horecanext and get the top kitchen organization solutions to help you elevate your productivity, enjoying safety and ergonomics for your daily needs.