Burger - The fast-food choice that is a fast-growing idea

06/12/2021 09:09

A burger is widely considered a synonym of American pop culture, as it is a very popular fast food in the US. However, according to historic events, the first burger was not made in America but in Asia, where Genghis Khan's warriors used to mince various kinds of meat. Over time, the raw material of the minced meat was enriched with various other ingredients such as onion, egg, and herbs, until the final mixture arrived in the US. Then the current version of the burger, or hamburger, was born! It was essentially a burger between two slices of bread.




The classic burger has evolved very quickly over the years. Today we can find many burger variations that blend the culture of fast food with that of fine dining. Actually, more and more often, new shops appear that invest in the quality version of the burger. They give great attention to the raw materials and especially to the quality of the meat which is the most basic part of their creations.

Also, they especially emphasize the way of its preparation, as the processing and baking of the materials are key parts of the final taste. Finally, its excellent preparation is completed by selecting the appropriate presentation utensil, thus giving complete pleasure to the customer.

But how can you set up a top burger shop from scratch? At Horecanext you will find complete ideas for the equipment of a pro kitchen, the utensils for the carefully equipped tableware, but also all the solutions to keep your business clean and fresh.


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Starting with the preparation and production of a quality burger, you will need the necessary dough tools for the bakeries. Depending on the size of the product, you can choose from professional mixers that will help you knead the dough easily. Complete the basic tools with accessories such as dough cutters, rolling pins, and spatulas, for proper dough handling and processing. Then, here you will find professional ovens with various functions, which will give your buns the ideal level of baking. Starting to make the burger, you will need a plate or grill to make a perfect grill on your burger or meat. Do not neglect the uniform shape and thickness of the burgers, which you can achieve with the use of the appropriate press tool. For a more premium cooking result, dare to try the Sous-Vide technique, or smoke your meat. By choosing the right Sous-Vide device and its corresponding accessories, you will create a very tasty burger! As for the right machine devices, the fryer is a must-have to fry the additional ingredients and the main burger accompaniment, the crunchy potatoes. Finally, complete the setup of your kitchen by choosing the ideal pans, spatulas, tongs, sauce bottles, cutting surfaces, and GN containers for the organization and storage of your raw materials.

Now let’s talk about the presentation of your burger! At Horecanext you will find special suggestions for serving with plenty of presentation utensils. Starting from the classic wooden plate in various shapes and dimensions up to a plate made of natural stone for a more premium feel. Tip! To avoid stains on utensils, use oil-based adhesives that will give a pleasant color note to the presentation of the food. Also, complete your basic utensil with mini service accessories such as baskets for french fries, mini pots or dips for placing sauces, as well as meat cutlery for a unique presentation.


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After the kitchen and restaurant are closed, it is time to clean! At Horecanext, we offer complete cleaning solutions for every business, according to your needs. From dishwashing detergents to strong bleaches, suitable for dining areas, that will dissolve every trace of fat in your kitchen.

Finally, do not forget the individual protection must be offered to your customers by placing antiseptics on each table!