7+1 serving ideas for coffee & tea to make your café bistro more unique

29/11/2021 08:02

Serving is a crucial part of the experience that a coffee bar or a contemporary concept store offers. Classic and favorite serving ideas are the safest way, especially for crowded businesses that have to meet the needs of many customers daily.

However, those who want to make a statement by establishing their own identity have already started to seek for new alternatives to serve favorite beverages like coffee and tea, aiming to upgrade the final experience of their consumers.

From an espresso ristretto to a double cappuccino and from the traditional Greek coffee to the aromatic herbal teas, each beverage has a different story to tell depending on the way it is served. And for this reason, the experts of HORECANEXT present the top 7+1 concept ideas to help you move to the next step!

tea pot
coffe cup

Vintage stemware glass freddo tumbler

The luxurious vintage design always makes an impression! Especially in this stemware glass version for freddo espresso or freddo cappuccino. The effective design with the luxurious features improve the prestige and add a majestic style that does not go unnoticed.

Martini chiller glass

Want to offer your customers a long-last clod espresso in the most stylish way? A wonderful glass of martini chiller will make a difference both with its ergonomic design and with its elegant style. The triangular upper part ideally fits the liquid part of the beverage, while the wide, deep bottom contains the ice that will constantly maintain the freshness of the coffee.

Brandy glass

Serving brandy is inspirational. The exquisite features of a brandy glass can perfectly upgrade the serving of a freddo cappuccino, since thanks to their flawless design, they allow better blending between coffee, cold foam, and ice.

Stemware cappuccino glass with handle

It may have a classic design, however, the combination of the handle and the solid base, not only facilitate but improve overall the whole experience of this cold beverage, making the difference from the usual!

Minimal thin transparent coffee mug with handle

The minimal features of the glass are even more depicting the colors and aromas of a hot coffee, creating a unique experience for each fan of the genre!

Coffee cups
Coffee cups 2

Double-walled mug

Elegant but especially practical glass, which can keep the temperature of a hot coffee or tea for a longer time. The durable double glass wall offers high olfactory intensity and effectively maintains the temperature of the liquid.

Transparent cup cappuccino

The delicate combination of espresso and warm cream from milk is a unique taste experience that only cappuccino can offer. Make this delight more impressive with a stylish and modern transparent cappuccino cup with a handle that fully meets even the highest expectations of your customers.

Traditional cast-iron teapot

The ultimate style of herbal tea serving. Enthusiasts of herbal teas understand exactly the importance of serving tea in the right way. The cast-iron teapot, not only allows the content to mix with boiled water and patiently release its taste and aromas but with its traditional design, transfers the customer to the authentic atmosphere of the East that will be an unforgettable memory!