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Silikomart designs avant-garde shapes for leading the world of the pastry towards new frontiers. Advanced food and pastry training courses. They have been alongside the pioneers of this art for over 15 years, collaborating with the best pastry chefs to break new ground. They are the only ones who guarantee the excellence and safety of molds rigorously produced in Italy. Their revolutionary products will allow you to achieve impressive and radically innovative results. They spread the pastry culture, creating tools that inspire and shape your creativity. Their goal is to elevate aesthetics and enhance the taste of your creations: no longer simple desserts but veritable pastry masterpieces. Discover all Silikomart collections at horecanext.gr.

From inspiration to creation

The designers of Silikomart are fully aware of the requirements of every modern professional kitchen. That's why they make sure to present updated collections with equipment that loosens the hands of every chef.

Equipment for every professional

With tools and utensils that perfectly combine modern design with a high level of ergonomics, its collections perfectly cover even the most demanding needs of a professional kitchen.