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At Schonwald they have been developing and manufacturing high-quality porcelain for more than 150 years. The advantage of the company is that they really know their job well and understand the difficult conditions that their products deal with in modern dining areas. Today, restaurants and hoteliers from hundreds of countries have decided to depend on the professional solutions, reliability and quality of German porcelain by Schonwald. Its collections express the different faces of modern cuisine. From the traditional banquet to the informal finger food, they create the appropriate proposals for completely different menu options. Schonwald's clear focus on professional porcelain allows the company to develop an amazing range of shapes, shapes, and styles. Discover all Schonwald collections at horecanext.gr.

The ultimate elegance in fine dining

With German supremacy standing out in each of its collections, Schonwald presents the appropriate porcelain proposals for completely different menu options, always with the highest aesthetic standards.

The favorite dishware of new age chefs

Following the principles of a modern aesthetic, with clean lines but subversive features, they are the No. 1 choice for every professional chef who seeks a truly modern result.