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The top chefs in the world go for Icel. Durable and sharp knives for every professional cook like vegetable, general-purpose, filleting, etc. Icel was founded from a small family workshop set up in the 1940s by three brothers in Ribafria, a small village near Benedita, Portugal. In the beginning, the product range consisted of pocket knives and some handmade knives. The quality of the steel was carbon steel, which was forged and fired with basic equipment, where the energy used was produced from carbon. The handles were made of animal bones and horns. As production increased, distribution was no longer local and became national and products were now available in stores and markets across the country. By 1945 the small workshop had 25 employees and it was decided to establish a company called Indústria de Cutelarias da Estremadura, Lda, from which the first ICEL brand would emerge. Nowadays the company has a staff of almost 200 people, produces 3.2 million items intended for the household and professional sectors and the turnover is close to € 9,000,000 a year, with 80% of this amount being exports. It is a national leader in the domestic and professional cutlery industry. Discover all Icel collections at horecanext.gr.

Transform cutting into art

To give new impetus to professional chefs and open up new avenues of creativity, Icel presents the top chef knives that are capable of turning your every dish into a real masterpiece.

The perfection of an accurate cut

An incredible range of chef knives and cutting tools, combining the most perfect blades, excellent grip, and modern design, ideal to support even the most demanding needs of a professional kitchen.