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For 200 years, authenticity, passion, and commitment have been the values at the core of de Buyer's business, knowledge, and expertise. The famous brand designs and manufactures utensils, continuously innovating to precisely meet the needs of both catering professionals and home cooks. Awarded with a “Living Heritage Company" label by the French state, de Buyer continues to maintain our artisanal spirit and our passion for precise, high-quality work carried out with care. They campaign for responsible and educated consumption with products made to last, promoting environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that protect the beautiful Vosges area. Worth mentioning that they are the first culinary business in France to receive a "confirmed level of CRS commitment" label from AFNOR, notably for the care taken to ensure the well-being of our employees. Dedicated to upholding our values and mastering our trade, its products, actions, and individual expertise help breathe additional life and soul into the cooking process. After all: «Every recipe holds a secret». Their true philosophy consists of constantly relearning and also looking at the world in general. Because, if life can only be understood by looking behind, it can also only be lived by looking ahead. Discover all de Buyer collections at horecanext.gr.

Create with reliability

The ultimate equipment of any professional kitchen! The basis for every chef to start and complete his creations and to offer an unforgettable menu to his customers.

Different options for special creations

The right pan for every creation! A professional chef knows that variety in the right cookware is essential to create without any limits.